Fabric Doves

I found this great pattern for birds here, and I loved what they did with them.  This is a perfect craft for scrap fabric.  Plus I had lots of stuffing left over from making the dog bed.  It is a very easy pattern.  They only issue is seaming the tail shut.  I think I will prefold and iron the tail seam before I sew it together next time.  I used a scallop pattern stitch available on the sewing machine to imitate feathers.   

John was working on the logo for the Animal Kindness Awards this week.  The marketing firm came up with using a dove in the logo.  We loved the idea.  So now we are going to make a bunch of these birds as thank you’s for some of our volunteers and contributors to the awards.  Hand-made Doves!   Plus these are a perfect chew toy size for Chibby and Bunny.  Chibby keeps chewing on their heads!

UPDATE: I have made and photographed many more fabric birds for you to get inspired by.  Read my next Fabric Birds post.

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