Parrot Vignette

Now that I live in Florida, I want tropical themed decor.  I love old vintage illustrations as well.  One day, in my eternal web wandering, I came across, and a user that had posted tonnes of hi-res scans from the book, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities.  So I downloaded and saved all of the antique coral, parrot, plant, and palm tree illustrations.  I put them in black matted frames ($5 at Walmart, but wish now that I had spent a bit more on them got ones with 3″ thick frames) and hung them in a grouping of 6.

The scans however needed to be retouched in Photoshop to make them fit the matte openings, and to make the colours in the parrots really pop!

I originally wanted candle sconces to balance the grouping, however, I came across feather metal wall hangings at Olde Time Pottery, and I thought that was much more appropriate, and takes up less space on the wall.  Since this is in my dining area, I could see people getting nailed  in the head with the sconces as they scooted behing the dining table, and how many times would I actually remember to light the sconces for dinner???

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