Glass Magnets for Gifts

When I was on my last glass magnet kick, I made custom packaging with sets of magnets, and even photographed it all, but sadly forgot to write a post!

Here they are, and yes, these are all for sale for $8/set of 3.

send me an email if you would like to purchase any.


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2 Responses to Glass Magnets for Gifts

  1. Ginger B. says:

    I am curious about your packaging. It appears to be paper. How did you get the magnets to stay in place? Oh and is that actually wood for their base? My sister directed me to your blog. If you’ve moved on for your current projects I’d love to know where you post them.

  2. canadianblonde says:

    My packaging is 110lb cardstock that I printed on with my inkjet printer. I got the magnets to stay in place with a metal washer on the back of the paper for the magnet to stick to. It does move around on the paper a bit still when I transport them. In the future, I would maybe try rubber cement to attach the magnet to the paper temporarily. That might work?

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