Argyle Wreath Tutorial

Yet again, I got more ideas from Pinterest.  I loved an argyle wreath that I found on there.  So I made one.  It wasn’t too difficult either.

styrofoam wreath (the smooth white ones are the best)
about 1/2 skein yarn in base colour
2 sheets of craft felt (1 in each colour)
6 yards of accenting colour yarn
spray glue
straight pins

COST: about $9  TIME: about 1.5 hours

Tie your yarn onto the wreath and start wrapping it around the styrofoam.  Make sure none of the yarn overlaps itself.

Slide your yarn up tight together.  Then twist the yarn as tight as it will go around the wreath.  This is why the smooth white styrofoam is best for this.  The yarn slides on it really well.  It takes about 30 seconds per inch of wreath to wrap which is pretty fast.  Make sure it is nice and tight so none of the white shows through.

Then cut out a bunch of diamond patterns.  Lay them on your wreath to make sure you get alternating colours over the whole wreath, and all the diamonds are touching each other.  You may need to adjust your diamond sizes if it doesn’t work evenly.

Then spray a light coat of glue on the back of the felt and attach the felt to the wreath.  Place your diamonds exactly touching corners of the diamonds together, and that they are all centered on top of the wreath.

Tie a knot in the end of your yarn.  Use a straight pin to pin through the knot and into the back of the wreath.  Your yarn will also end here.  In total there will be 4 separate strands of yarn around this wreath.

The first strand will wrap through the red diamonds only.  The second strand will go through the blue diamonds only as shown below.

The third strand will go around the red diamonds in the opposite X direction, and the fourth strand will go through the blue diamonds in an X pattern.  Tie a knot in the each end of the strands and just pin them to the back of the wreath.  Make sure your yarn passes directly through the centre of the diamonds.

Use some straight pins to attach a nice hanging ribbon to the back of it too.  Here is the final product!  I love it.  I wish I could have gotten a thicker styrofoam form though to have a chunkier look.  I have also seen these wreathes using a heart instead of the diamond pattern which looks really good too.  The porch at our family cottage is currently getting a huge revamp and addition, so this wreath will really go well on the new porch door!  I can’t wait!


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