2013 Grey Cup Betting Sheet-Roughriders and Tigercats

Ok, I am not a fan of sports at all, however, each year, my mother hosts a Grey Cup party and I always have to make up a Betting Sheet for the guests.  This year, I would like to share it with you.

This is a betting sheet for the 2013 Saskatchewan Roughriders and Hamilton Tigercats Grey Cup in Canada.

Now my husband designed this board.  How it works is you sell each square to your guests.  Once all 25 squares are sold, then print numbers 0-9 on separate pieces of paper, and randomly draw them from a hat.  As you draw them, fill in the small squares with that order at the top.  Then re-draw all 10 and write the order of drawing in the small squares at the side. 

Whatever the score ends up being, take the last digit of the score, and cross reference the grid to whomever purchased that square.  You can take score at the end of each quarter, and have 4 winners.  Divide up the pot into 4 equal winnings.

This page has 25 spots to purchase.  If you fill up this form, you can do another one, as long as you have purchasers for all of the spots.

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