Craft Addiction Meetup Group Class – Yarn Snowman and Ornament Wreath

I am ready to host my first CRAFT ADDICTION class in Las Vegas on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013!  We will be making a Yarn Snowman and an Ornament Wreath.

Class is open to all in Las Vegas.  Just email me to say you would like to book a spot.  Class cost is $20, plus materials ($25 for snowman and wreath).  Address will be emailed to registered students.  Cheyenne Ave and Buffalo area (north Summerlin) of Las Vegas.

Please see our group at Craft Addiction


Yarn Snowman Materials: (cost of materials: $5)

  • Styrofoam Balls, 3 sizes
  • White Yarn Skein
  • Black Beads for eyes, mouth and buttons
  • 1 yard of 14 gauge crafting wire for arms, and hat
  • Material for scarf
  • BRING YOUR OWN GLUE GUN, or one is available to share in class.

The Wreath we will make will look similar to the styles on my Wreaths Board from my Pinterest.

 Ornament Wreath: materials cost: $20

  • 50 tree ornaments (Colour option of: Fushia, Lime Green and Silver; or Red and Silver; or light Blue, Purple and Silver balls)
  • 1 roll holiday ribbon gauze, optional
  • 1 wire hangar

Payment for class and materials can be made though PayPal, or cash or VISA at the class.  I prefer materials to be paid for up front to prevent “no shows” and me being on the hook for their materials costs.

Please email me: canadianblonde (at) tuscanydesign (dot) net. to reserve your spot, or ask any questions.



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