Yarn Ball Snowman

Since my return to crafting, I have decided to go slowly.  I made this craft, however, I did not photograph each step of the project.  Photographing and Photoshopping every picture was just to overwhelming for me last week, so here is a photo of the last step, and directions on how to get there!


  • 3 different sizes of Styrofoam balls
  • skein of white yarn
  • bamboo skewers or toothpicks
  • beads for eyes, buttons and mouth
  • 14 gauge wire
  • brown floral tape
  • scarf fabric
  • hot glue gun


I began with making a knot in the yarn, and using a straight pin to attach it to the syrofoam ball.  I wrapped it until I could not see any Styrofoam anymore.  Again, I made a knot, and pinned it to the Styrofoam.  Make three sizes of these balls.  You can also hot glue the start and end of the yarn.

I broke the bamboo skewers into 2″-3″ pieces and sanded the broken edges into a point with sandpaper.  I then pre-poked each of the skewers into the balls.  I then put a tiny bit of hot glue onto the tip of each skewer before I put it into place for the last time.  This will make them stay together permanently.  I used 2 pieces of skewer between each of the balls.  This way the balls can’t rotate around one skewer.  It is the same technique I used on the Jute Pears Styrofoam ball project except I used toothpicks there. 

I then make the wire hat for the snowman.  I just used my jewellery bead tools to help me make concentric circles of the top of the hat, then down the sides, then got larger for the brim of the hat.   I then hot-glued it to the head.

For the carrot nose, I used a short bamboo skewer, and used hot glue to make a carrot shape with.  I made a hot glue bead half way up the skewer, where the carrot is the thickest, and kept spinning the skewer between my fingers to keep the glue rounded, and not droop as it cooled and hardened completely.  I then continued to add hot glue to the end of the skewer (turning the skewer constantly to keep an even carrot shape).  I let it all cool completely.  I then dipped it into orange craft paint, and let it dry.  I glued the end tip with hot glue as I put it into his head to keep it secure.

I used straight pins through black round beads for the eyes.  I used hot glue on the edge of the tips of the pins before I put them into place into the styrofoam.  This way, they won’t fall out.  I did that for the eyes, and buttons, and mouth beads.  Put the smallest amount of glue there, so your project won’t be messy with globs of hot glue everywhere.

I had an red knit thrifted sweater that was cut up from my stocking project, and used that for the scarf.   I used dots of hot glue to keep that in place too.

The arms are made from 14 gauge wire.  I made them have hands on the end too.  It hens wrapped brown floral tape around them.  This gives them a branch look, but they are still posable.  I used a bit of hot glue to insert them into the body too.  Insert at least 1″-2″ of wire into the body.

You can either add a wire loop on the back of the snowman to hang them from a nail on your wall, or I had 4″ metal disks on hand (excess packaging from Canada’s Dollarama craft magnets I buy).  I glued the bottom to the metal disks so I could stand them on a shelf or table.

The whole project took about half an hour to make (aside from waiting for the orange paint on the carrot nose drying time).  These are very easy  to make, and with low cost materials.  It is a great hostess gift to bring to parties this season!

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