Ice Skate Door Wreath Hanger

One of the Pinterest ideas I loved is the Ice Skate Door Hanger.  Ironically, I found the ice skates at a Florida garage sale.  I stored them for the 2 years while we moved, and luckily I remembered I had them to make this gorgeous door hanger.  Almost all of the materials are from the Dollar Store. 

I carved out a small brick of floral foam in the shape of a foot, and put it in the skate.  I then cut red 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon and laced up the skate.  I then used about 5 springs of holiday flowers in the arrangement, and a poinsettia that clipped onto the front of the boot.  I hung it with a 1″ wide of red satin ribbon which is strung through a hole I sliced into the top of the boot.

In order for the boot not to slam around the door as people are coming in and out, I used a tiny bit of Insta-tac on the heel and toe of the boot and stuck it firmly to the door.  It worked great.  That will come off the door cleanly when it is time to take down the decorations.

I love it when my craft worked out nicer than the one I saw on Pinterest! Woo Hoo!


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