Valentines Day Paper Heart Garland

I know the countdown to Valentines is here!  Valentines Day is also our anniversary, so I have a lot more motivation to deck the house out.  Here is my Paper Heart Garland tutorial.

Valentines Day Decoration Paper Heart Garland

This was made by printing pages of digital scrapbook Valentines paper on my home printer.  I printed the designs onto regular 110lb cardstock in 8.5″ x 11″ size.  I used Photoshop to adjust the scale of patterns.  I printed each side of the cardstock with a complementary design.  I then  used a paper cutter to slice the paper into strips that were 1.75″ thick x 8″ long.  I stapled together two strips to make the tops of the hearts.

At this point, you should pre-bend the hearts into their shape.  I used the corner of our coffee table to run the paper along to arch the top of the heart out, then turned it over and pre-bent the lower curving part of the heart in the opposite arch. 

Once you have the curves of the arches bent into each heart, lay them into flat strips again, and then use an exacto knife to cut 3/8″ slits at the widest part of the hearts so I could string through a 3/8″ pink organza ribbon through the hearts. You need to pre-bend the hearts before you cut the slits otherwise you will probably tear them up when you curl the paper, AND your curls wont be even.  I learned the hard way.

I then stapled the bottom tips of the hearts together, and I strung the hearts onto the ribbon and hung it up.

Another tip for this type of garland is to hang it where you will primarily be viewing it along the side.  ie. along a hallway.  When you look at the garland straight on, the paper disappears, and the patterned effect is lost, as you see.

Valentines Day Decoration Paper Heart Garland

 Thanks, and Happy Crafting!!


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