Vintage Style Reversible Apron

My sister mentioned to my dad awhile ago that she loved aprons. This got me thinking about aprons and I did a search to find some cute vintage style aprons that I could figure out the pattern myself. I found a few good inspirations and designed this reversible apron.  Making it reversible was the  most difficult part since I wasn’t working with a pattern telling me which seams to sew first.  I had to think it through to completion numerous times in my head. 

Front Side

Reversible Apron1

Back Side

Reversible Apron2

I added details like a ruffle at the bottom and a red peekaboo seam at the top.  I made the neck strap adjustable by adding two buttonholes at different lengths, and added a mother of pearl button.  My final detail was embroidering my daughters initials onto it.  I made it pretty small so she will be able to wear it all throughout childhood into her teen years.  This should make her want to cook and bake, which will make Grandma VERY happy! 


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