The BMW B85 is very fast and fast. The 2.4-liter V12 of this unit is capable of going from 80 mph in a mere 20 seconds to an unbelievable 75 mph in 20 seconds. A little over eight seconds in practice will set you back $300,00 dollars.
This is the BMW B85 that we know you love. The interior is a combination of a BMW B5 and a BMW B6. Both have the same styling and some different interior features. The BMW B5 has a nice, clean but smooth finish. The BMW B6 sports a slightly darker finish with a more subdued feel. The BMW B5 is clean and has an interesting but distinct style that will appeal to the most people. The BMW B6 looks great in a car with a very clean driver’s side door. The BMW B5 is a very close choice for the enthusiast. The BMW B5 looks